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Cant get Spallchakker to work in text entry box...?

Spell checking on my MB Air + bluetooth keyboard and magic track pad is not going well..


Clicking on that redlined word above does NOT envoke my usual spellchacker options..

What gives ? Is it my fault?


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I really do miss spellcheck. I don't remember the reason anymore, but when I asked about it long ago I was told that it couldn't be added to the editor.


XenForo developer
Staff member
It's really down to your browser. I get built-in spellchecking in both Chrome and Firefox.
If you hold your CTRL + the Bar under the trackpad- it brings up options to where you can look word up in dictionary. Or , If I recall right-- highlight word and right click on your mouse.
Perhaps some bad voodoo is going on between the magic track pad and the "normal" key & click action.

The track pad is new for me.

I kneed spall chakker.