XF 2.2 Can't get into ACP all the sudden


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All of the sudden in the last few days I can't get into the ACP for one of my 2.2 forums. No changes were made to the site that I can remember. The login page just refreshes with no error. I've tried disabling Cloudflare, disabling add-ons via the config file, disabling cache via the config file, clearing browser cookies, trying to login from a different browser and different device... nothing has worked. What else can I try?
A working XF installation wouldn't just stop working.

It's most likely something server related or possibly third party code.

Log in to the ACP directly via admin.php and disable all third party add-ons and test in a default style.
Log in to the ACP directly via admin.php
That's essentially what I'm saying I cannot do. I enter my login info and the login form refreshes with no error. I try using the wrong pw purposely and I get a pw error. But the correct pw results in the page simply refreshing. I'm checking with the host to see if maybe there is a mod_security rule being triggered all the sudden. Can't think of what else would cause this.
Add this to the src/config.php file to rule out any add-on issues: $config['enableListeners'] = false;

If you still can't log in then you can submit a ticket but there's no guarantee we will be able to if there is something server side causing it.
FWIW, I successfully logged in after I changed the php version of my site (which resulted in some errors) and then reverted back to the version I was using.
Honestly, I can't tell you what actually fixed it. I did find an A record in the DNS that didn't make sense so I made a change there. We use Cloudflare so there was a concern about ModSecurity blocking admin.php, but there was nothing in the logs. I verified I had an exception for that in Cloudflare for the admin.php URL too. It's working now though, so I have to believe it could have been the DNS. No changes to the PHP version.
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