Can't get CraftBukkit working... need help


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Hi guys,

I have downloaded and installed CraftBukkit. I started the server in screen and whenever people try to connect I get this error:
Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Can you help?


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More than likely you are running a version of the server that is older than your users' clients. From what
I read if that is the problem you either need to update your server, or your members will have to edit their profile in the launcher to reflect the server version so it can launch correctly.

Don't know for sure though as this is based on something I read and nothing I have ever done.


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I have the latest version of CraftBukit which I believe is 1.6.4 and my minecraft version is 1.7.5 or something.
If you want to run the older Bukkit versions, you'll have to step your client down to match. You can do this through the launcher, by selecting an older version.

Bukkit has released a beta 1.7.2 version which will work with the latest clients. There are quirks in the beta version, but I've not run into any show stoppers. Most of the popular plugins will work with this version from what I've seen.