Add-on Can't find news portal add on

earlier today I found a home page news portal add on where you can drag blocks to set it up similar to wp. I can't find it anymore, I wanna put a news portal add on where I can drag blocks to page, advertisements, comments, social sharing, recent article section, I want to be able to post unique news stories everyday, so since it's the home page, would I be able to make more then one news article? Would it be continuous scrolling? Or at bottom of article would be link to next article, etc...

The news portal I found this morning was not xenportal, I don't really like this one, can anyone show me which one Addon I'm looking for? Just a simple home page addon like Wordpress. Drag and drop blocks.


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Have you checked your browser history? That'd tell you which one you looked at (I've no idea which one has drag and drop blocks apart from XenPorta and XenPorta 2).