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Can't edit posts in Safari on iPhone?


New member
I have a member reporting that they can't edit their posts on the their iPhone. The forum is a month old, and this is a new user, so I'm not sure if it worked before I upgraded the forum to 1.5.7.


Thanks in advance for your advice.


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There have been no similar reports so I'm doubtful this is a bug.

Which iPhone are they using and which version of iOS is it running? Which browser are they running?

What happens when they try to edit a post on their iPhone? Is the edit link there? Is there any sort of error?

Have they confirmed that the same post can be edited on another device or in another browser?


New member
I was really hoping it was that simple. :) I was even looking for a checkbox that I hopefully missed somewhere in the admin panel.

This is their response, and their screenshot:

"I'm using an IPhone 5s with IOS 3.9.1. I'm using the pre-installed safari app.

Only the buttons 'tools' 'like' and 'reply' are visible (see attachment)

I am able to edit on both safari and google chrome when using an laptop/desktop

If you have any other questions please ask! :)


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
"Tools" is a non-standard button/link which probably accesses a menu containing more options.

I would guess that the Edit link is in there somewhere.