As designed Can't directly upgrade from 2.1.11 to 2.2 using the admin upgrade

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Jake B.

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Currently if you check for an upgrade on 2.1.11 it recommends that you upgrade to 2.1.12 rather than 2.2.1 even though 2.1.x is unmaintained. I'm guessing this isn't something that will be fixed for 2.1 -> 2.2 upgrades, but having a select menu to select a specific version if there are multiple relevant versions newer than your current one would probably be best here - in this case would have an option for 2.1.12, as well as 2.2.1

Chris D

XenForo developer
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This is expected at the moment and intentional. There was a situation where the 2.2 upgrade would block visibility of the 2.1.12 security fix which is generally less favourable so we ensured that updates in the same version "group" take precedence.

We will review alternative approaches going forward but nothing to fix as a bug priority at this time.


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Everything was too fast. Lots of people still using XF 1.x, especially 1.5, not even close to XF2 because they're using many add-on and large database and customized too many, can't leave without it to XF2 or newer
I'm now using XF2.1 early version but i hope i can use it for few years before I can upgrade to newer version because my site has many old add-ons, old devs are not update anymore so if I'm update my site might get bug or having issue or something, that's why I'm always afraid to upgrade to new version