Fixed Can't click on login with google button with ie 8


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when i try to register,
I can't click on login with google button with internet explorer 8 (no problem with firefox)

on xenforo community too


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I'd say people who use Internet Explorer in general don't deserve it. :p
I'm still not really sure why the folks around here are supporting it while many, many, other big platforms (even M$ themselves) stopped supporting it. The benefits of upgrading the editor to version 9 (core) has way more benefits than keep supporting IE8 (Redactor 9 stopped supporting IE8):

I know that most of these fixes were implemented here anyway, but code optimization is what important here more than everything else.


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Fixed now (soon to be rolled out here). Our JS loader used a load detection method that didn't work in IE8, but I've expanded to cover that now.