Duplicate Can't Attach Images To Rich Text Box(s)


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Although the drag & drop feature seems to highlight the applicable box(s), the only rich text box that you can upload an image to is the primary resource field.

Is this by design or should we be able to upload images to applicable tabs of our choice without the use of a link?

As seen below, both fields claim to allow "drag & drop" but when the second field (rules/regulations) is highlighted and an attempt to attach a file is made, it uploads to the top field.
Drag and drop.png

Chris D

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The work around for this is to attach images to the main resource description and then copy the attachment URL and use [IMG] tags in the other text editors.


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What version of XF are you running? If you're not running 1.2.2 (I believe), you'll notice the drop behavior like that. However, you'll notice that it doesn't happen here.

That bug report refers to a further tweak in 1.2.3.