XF 1.1 Can't add attachments to threads


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I can't seem to add attachments to threads, as images it seems.

I can provide the URL for an image, but not upload an image to include in a new thread or reply.

What settings should I check?


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You haven't clarified which error you receive, if any.

Check the node, user group and user permissions for Upload attachments to posts.

Also check Options -> Attachments.


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I don't recieve an error, I only get presented with the box to enter an URL for an image and don't get given a box to upload an image to a thread. I'm guessing I have just not configured it correctly yet, it's a new board. I'll check those options now. Thank you for your speedy response.


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Ahhhhhh wait there. I can add an attachment by clicking the "upload a file" option. Though when I click the 'add image' icon I only get to enter a URL.

If I wanted to add 4 pictures to a thread, and upload the files, would I simply use the attachment option?