XF 1.5 can't access acp since 1.5.8


Howdy team,

As title said, since i upgrade core to 1.5.8 i can't access ACP. I don't know if the problem is from xf, because in Opera, Firefox and Edge i can. I have this 'problem' only in Chrome.
So, my question is:

Is Chrome* problem or xenforo?
I repeat, i can login normally but when i access ACP, i put my pass and redirrects me to login form , that's all time.

* i am taking about chrome app for Android; from PC it works well.


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If it's working everywhere else, certainly sounds like an issue with Chrome on Android.

I don't have an Android, but have you tried clearing the data to see if that resolves it?


Bumping an old thread.
Problem is only with chrome on android . chrome on PC works perfectly. Other browsers work perfectly on android.
When I Enter uname and passwd , its redirects back to same same acp login screen. Any Help !!!