Can's stay logged in

For some reason I cant stay logged in, ever time I try and look at a post or try and view a thread I'm asked to log in AGAIN - any suggestions as to whats wrong?


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Are you checking the Stay Logged in box?

Do you have cookies allowed in your browser?

Is your site switching between www and non-www?
Yes - I've checked the "Stay Logged" box

Yes - I have cookies allowed in the browser

Not sure about this - "Is your site switching between www and non-www" can you explain?


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Do you see the URL changing in the address bar when clicking on various links within the site?

Is your server behind a proxy, such as Cloudflare?

Do you use caching of any sort?
The URL does not change - this is only when "users" try and access files and threads. As the admin this does not time me out
I looked at this Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> User Options -> Online Status TimeoutYou can increase the timeout or tell your users to check Stay logged in when they login

Mine is set for 60 - the max. iu will have my hosting company look at the htacess file and let you know if this fixes the problem