As designed Cannot unlink text when it is a valid URL


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The editor is re-applying links when the text represents a valid URL - even if you edit the post and click the unlink editor icon to remove it.

It appears to remove the link and you get the impression that it has worked as expected - but it re-applies the link on save.

I would expect the editor to preserve the unlinked state and post it as plain text once the hyperlink has been manually removed.


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I'm not exactly sure what to tag this - it's not exactly as designed, but it is expected. This isn't a new behavior - it's been doing this since day 1.

The thing is that an explicitly-unlinked URL and one that was never linked appear no different in our output.

You can force disable linking (amongst other things) with the [plain] tag.


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The editor seems to parse the text for URLs and auto-links them on save - so what about introducing a [DNL] Do not link [/DNL] BBCode that is applied to the text when you use the Unlink button? This can then be ignored by the link parser on save.

It shouldn't add too much weight to posts / databases as it's only used occasionally - but I suppose it comes down to standards and future-proofing and whether you feel it's a viable method.

Just a thought. (y)