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XF 1.3 Cannot log into admin

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by RustyDogma, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. RustyDogma

    RustyDogma Member

    When I try to log into my admin section it just immediately kicks me back to the log-in screen - no error. This is on multiple browsers for multiple admins at different locations. I tried to run TRUNCATE xf_session_admin to no avail. Help! I'm really in trouble as I have a ton of new users who need permission changes to view the forums.
  2. RustyDogma

    RustyDogma Member

    I finally got in by setting a new user as super admin, but the cache for the site is completely messed up.. none of the other admins can log in - new posts and PMs don't show up for users without hitting refresh even after clearing the browser of all cache and cookies. I tried rebuilding the cache in the admin section and that didn't change anything.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2014
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Do you have any server caching implemented?

    It could be related to that.
  4. RustyDogma

    RustyDogma Member

    I checked with my host and they said it is not. They cannot find a server-side cause.
  5. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Disable any add-ons via config.php and see if you can log in then... especially if you have any pertaining to securing the ACP. Also, if you are using htaccess passwords to secure the ACP disable them temporarily and use a minimal config.php to test with on a base style.
  6. XBones

    XBones Member

    Ah...this is the same issue I'm having since the morning and I'm running a completely stock version of XF.

    The caching system seems to be completely jacked up.

    All I did was go to sleep, wake up and the problem was there. Seems it has to be a server side issue. They cleared their caching and restarted Apache but nothing has changed.
  7. RustyDogma

    RustyDogma Member

    My host was able to log in by removing the htaccess file. I used the default one from the Xenforo install and still have the same problem. I made no changes to it so I'm confuzzled.
  8. XBones

    XBones Member

    Who is your hosting company?
  9. RustyDogma

    RustyDogma Member

    A Small Orange
  10. XBones

    XBones Member

    Same hosting company. I think that confirms it's a server side issue.

    Holy Cow.

    Here is the reply I got just a while ago from support:

    @Brogan @Tracy Perry ... any ideas how I should proceed with the hosting company. Here are two users experiencing the exact same problem with the same hosting company. Any idea would be most helpful.
  11. RustyDogma

    RustyDogma Member

    This is what I got from ASO.. they are trying to help, but don't know what's going on.
  12. XBones

    XBones Member

    I've asked the tech to see if he can elevate this issue to a higher level and maybe the two of them can put their heads together and find the problem and a solution. Exact same problem. Exact same hosting company and I bet it happened at the same time...like last night! My site was working perfectly until I woke up this morning. That will teach me to get out of bed.
  13. RustyDogma

    RustyDogma Member

    Exact same issue here.. was working for me at ~2am EDT, broken at ~9am EDT.
  14. XBones

    XBones Member

    Yep...has to be their issue.

    They'll have to figure this out! Hopefully soon. I sent them a link to this thread too so they know it's not "my computer", "my browser"... ugh. Lots of my users are experiencing the exact same problem with the marking/caching system.
  15. RustyDogma

    RustyDogma Member

    I got final response and my site is fixed.. posting it here in case anyone ever has the same problem, they see this solution.

  16. Vali

    Vali New Member

    Had the same issue just now. this thread helped me to manage a problem in 5 minutes, one that I otherwise had no idea where to even begin with.
    hahha, thanks XF Comm :D

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