XF 2.0 Cannot edit user after upgrade

Mr Lucky

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I just did an upgrade (test site copy of xf1 live forum) and now cannot edit any user. I just get an error overlay telling me "Please enter a value that matches the required format."

The same users are editabe in the live forum, all that changed is the upgrade and new style. Checked with all custom user fields made not rewuired and with addons disabled.

Chris D

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Which custom fields do you have?

Which ones have a "value match requirement" set up, and what is the requirement?

Mr Lucky

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Ok sorted.

It was Country of Residence which had this regex (to catch spamers) that no longer works



XenForo developer
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Was that field empty for the users? We have systems for admins to bypass when a field is required, but that regex is effectively requiring a value to be entered. Assuming the field is set as required, you can likely change the "+" near the end to "*".


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Right -- setting the field as required and changing the regex as I mentioned should prevent the error from happening when you edit the users.

(Independent of anything about making the error more useful.)
In case it helps anyone I just ran across this too.

The regex for the "Are you human" question was


I was entering "Yes"

so updated to :


and everything worked.

Found under: Users > Custom User Fields > Human Verification Question > Options for Text Fields