Not a bug Cannot Change Link Color

Hello Xenforo Team,

i m just informing you changing link color in threads and post are impossible!
if i creating a thread and added a link .. and if i try to change color of link .. it is not working!

i tried may ways to change link color but still not working ... after that i thought it is problem with only one place so i visited more xenforo forum and founded same problem .. ! and not other forum only ... it is not working here to on xenforo community!

well i can change link color if i do it in 2 part .. for example link is Xenforo Community and if i try to change link color .. then it is imposable and if i change color of one word at a time then it can be done .. so if you want to change link color from starting of link text to end of link text ... it is impossible !!


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It is possible to change, but it does depend on the specific structure of the HTML. This is really an underlying HTML issue (color needs to be inside the link and not vice versa). There is little we can do to force a particular order (without getting into adding "important" declarations which isn't something I would want to do anyway).
but for a beginner it's hard to change color ... like me ..! if you talk about other forum like vb,ip board or some cms like wordpress ... there we can change link color also .. but in xenforo first we need to change color of text then we can add link in text !

anyway now i m following same ..