Cancel button missing in popup for inserting link/image


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For some reason the cancel button is missing on our site for inserting links and images. (see screenshot). We haven't done any big CSS edit's, so I wonder what's causing this. We are using a fixed width. link_insert.png link_insert.png


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I suppose this could be a minor bug -- it's because your body tag has a width on it. The .editorPopup body only sets a min-width (of 0) and doesn't override the body width.

I don't think you need the body width to be specified -- you have the width specified on the page width, so nothing but the login bar area actually changes if you take out the body width.


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Great, that did the trick! Only I used a fading bg image for that body and that one moved to the left after removing the width there. I removed the fading image now.