Can You Link Media Gallery To Threads


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im new here i cant post in the gallery support, could you spare me and move it to the rite forum

ill be getting xenforo within a couple days, i run a pic forum with tens of thousands of pic threads

is it possible so that the pics in the gallery go to individual threads instead of just a comment page

if not, im not familiar with the type of coders around and if they regularily do custom work for anyone. is it like that here, or would someone do that for money


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It won't be. No licence=no Xenforo=no addons.

I'm not working on it. I paid for the add-on. It is now open source & I'll be paying someone for a bug fix, improved styling & XF2 compatability


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The Media Gallery is an official XF add-on.

Thread gallery is a third party add-on.