Can XF Increase PC Invite Numbers Please?

Anthony Parsons

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Can XF increase the default invitee's for PC's from 5 please, as one example right now is that we are trying to invite those interested in a single sign-on solution into one PC, to discuss pricing, build, etc... yet we can't, as we're limited to 5, when there are more than this interested, all willing to chip in a bit to have an add-on built.

5 is a little limiting when trying to have development discussions and get further add-ons built for XF.

Could it please be increased to a more reasonable number to accommodate such discussions?

Even 10 would be nice... 5 is extremely limiting.

Rigel Kentaurus

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While you are at that ...
Could you enable attachments in PC? :) I have been messaging with some people for add-on development and I always have to upload screenshots in an external place, would be good to have it in the same conversation.

Yes, Anthony, I am piggybacking on your thread ;)

Anthony Parsons

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Good point Rigel...

Also yes... to, not the software. PC development is very difficult with 5 people maximum, and Rigels point also, about uploading would be good.


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Yeah this makes it really hard for us to get all the people we need together in one place to discuss addons and other stuff.