MG 1.1 Can we use the actual file url?


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I'm trying to share some images on social sites, but since XMG rewrites the name of the image to something like this

instead of this

I can't share the images because they simply won't render like a normal image extension filename.

Any way I can just use the image names and extensions instead of the rewrite?

Facebook is a good example - you can't share this: because it won't load...

This is particularly for sharing gifs.

Chris D

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No, there's no way to do that.

The URLs being in that format is somewhat necessary as the URL is routed internally to the full attachment file so it can go through various permission checks and other stuff. This is actually no different to normal attachment URLs.

Realistically, though, whatever service is receiving the shared URL shouldn't be relying on file extensions to ascertain the format of a file.


The response headers we send, particularly the content-type, is what should be used by them.


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That service is Facebook. I tried to share a .gif URL on there and it wouldn't render like normal urls ending in .gif do.

Facebook hasn't stepped up to modern times and permit the upload of animated gifs yet, so we're stuck sharing URLS for now.

Thanks for the reply. I'm sure eventually FB will catch up.