Can not Download add ons and use other fetures

I can not download addons or post in some forums. I have a license i follow some other guide i stumbled across been trying to figure out why i cant for 5 days now and right at this moment im just super angry.
i do appoligise but dont know were else to post or what to do.

My email on license and registered email match, the names match i dont understand what the problem is, apart from frustrating me and cheesing me off.

Any help will be appreciated.


XenForo moderator
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You are now showing as a licensed customer so you should be able to download add-ons and post in the customer forums.

You did in fact post this thread in one of the customer forums (I have moved it to feedback).
Just checked now and yes the downloads are available. now im just really confused lol.

Thanks for your reply it was very fast. Appreciate it.