Cannot reproduce Can not close notice on Forum home on mobile device


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Using an e-reader with Gingerbread and default browser. I could not dismiss the new rules notice after reading the new rules.

I was able to dismiss the notice when I viewed the Bugs forum.

Ernest L. Defoe

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I was able to on iOS 6 but it took awhile to click the x in just the right spot. Had to stand on one leg, while jumping, and holding my tongue to the left. (The last bit was just a joke but it was still difficult to close it out.)


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Device: Samsung galaxy SIII
Browser: Default Samsung browser.

From forum main I had to tap 5 times on X before it disappears, whereas it was an easy close when I was in bug section.


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I was able to dismiss the first notice easily but the 2nd (final) notice I had a heap of trouble clicking on the sweet spot until I zoomed in on the iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4.


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Nexus 4, latest Jelly Bean build running Chrome browser: no issues dismissing notices that I've found.