XF 2.1 Can no longer add images to a post.


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Earlier today, I could add images to a post without issue. Now, when I attempt to do so the image name is struck through and wont attach. I have checked user permissions and board permissions and everything seems correct. Any idea what might cause this?
Contact your host. This may be an issue with Mod Sec.

I can do that but it was working fine and a few minutes later it just stopped. I’ll see what they say. I’m at the point of just starting over with a completely new install. I’ve had nothing but trouble with this upgrade for me. Let’s see what they have to say. I’m not getting any errors either. Just a strange thing.
If you haven't made any changes then that is always going to be host or third party code related.

Unfortunately changes were or had been made just prior. It was working though after. Then stopped. This is a rather complicated one and once I hear back from the host it might just come down to a fresh install and update. Just thought I’d pick the brains of others more familiar than I with this new version.
To clarify, the attachments being "struck through and wont attach" is indicative of the upload failing at the server level. XF will try to give a more useful error in most cases, but this could be down to something like the attached file not actually being exposed to PHP correctly.

I'd definitely be looking at some sort of server changes, such as to PHP configuration or permissions in directories that PHP might write to.
Could this be related to having moved a prior install over? It works intermittently but then fails again. What permissions should I be looking at? Is there a document that lists what folders and such should have various settings anywhere?
The fact that no error logs are generated seems odd to me.
I just wanted to follow up, for what it is worth, the host responded with "Seems like Modsecurity rule has been triggered for your website. " And with a few edits, resolved the issue. Thank you for the pointers / ideas Mike. Seems you were correct.
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