XF 1.4 Can I Use XenForo to Email a List of Email Addresses?

Can I use XenForo to email a list of email addresses, rather than user email addresses? I have a list of user email addresses from one of my forum websites, and I'd like to contact them through XenForo.

Thank you!
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As far as I am aware, you cannot, you can only email existing users.

Why can't you just use email for this? Don't you have an 'official' email account for your forum? Presumably you must have something you have set in the ACP and for responses via the Contact Us form to go to?
I could use my regular email account, but I would imagine there are limits on how many regular emails can be sent out without clogging the network. Also, I'd have to use BCC, which I would imagine could get things marked as spam. Thoughts?


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I'd use email but I guess it depends on how many users you are talking about.

Is your previous forum no longer around? If not, as a prior user of that forum I'd be slightly concerned that you have extracted the email addresses from the database for your own personal use as that is likely to have broken any privacy policy from that site.


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A simple PHP email script is all you need. Search the internet, you should be able to find one very easily. If not perhaps a member here could create one for you for a small cost.