Can I run Beta 2 for a new site?


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Beta software is labelled so for a reason and it is not recommended to run it on a live site.

Plenty of people are though (including :D) so it does appear to be fairly stable.
Just be aware of the risks if you choose to do the same.


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Well regular backups are a good thing anyway, no matter what software you're running.
I take one every day on my site.

Beta software by its nature will have bugs though so there is an element of risk but if you take regular backups of your DB and content then you can minimise any potential problems.
No, don't install it on live site, it crashes everyone who have it installed because it's linked somehow and no way to restore the backup because it eat and kills your backup before it does.

/ends sarcasm

No, Brogan is right, it's not recommended on live but keep at your own risk.