Can I have someones blob?


I was locked out of my admin panel because for some other developement testing, I disabled cookies. I thought this was a issue with my board being disabled and long story short, broke my control panel and can't re-enable my board.



Hopefully I can fix this, as it locked my board as inactive. I tried to transplant another 1 byte boolean blob into it and it failed to work, I'll need someones boardActive Blob, it's under xf_option in phpmyadmin. Thanks :D
Run these queries to completely remove that option:

DELETE FROM xf_option
WHERE option_id = 'boardActive';

DELETE FROM xf_option_group_relation
WHERE option_id = 'boardActive'
AND group_id = 'boardActive';

Then visit /install in your browser and click the button to rebuild the master data. That will recreate the original option.
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