Can I do this?


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Okay, so here is what I plan to do and how I am going to go about doing it.

I would like to have my site based locally in multiple countries. This means that I need to buy a different tld per site. Fine. But it will not work how I would like it to as users will not be able to share their alerts across the sites, their inbox, message count, etc.

So, the plan is (I think this is possible). Cloak the URL.

They will all go to the same installation of Xenforo. I can force a user to view the site in a different skin and disable content with CSS within the skins.

I also know that this is against the TOS of Xenforo. What I would like to know, if I buy a new license for each tld (which will not get used, but I purchase the license regardless), will Xenforo be okay with this?



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Well I am hoping not. I don't want the .com site to display the same content as the (though, I guess if a user manually goes to a link it will display duplicate content). I understand Xenforo does not like this, but if I am purchasing a license for each TLD I would be curious to see if they would allow it at that stage.


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Then no, you will need three separate licenses for your set up. According to the Pre-Sales FAQ and the License Agreement...
Can multiple domains or subdomains be used with a single license?
Yes, as long as the domains or subdomains all resolve to the same installation, all of the content is available at every domain or subdomain, and there is no attempt to make them appear as separate installations.

However, if you purchase 3 licenses, you could very well accomplish what you'd like through some clever CSS and add-ons. I think I misread your post (I didn't notice the sentence stating you knew it was against TOS)...

However, I don't think XenForo would care if you had 3 domains pointing to the same installations (displaying 3 different content sets) if you had a license for each domain (aka, each content set). Although, the shared alerts and inboxes would be rather difficult, if not impossible to prevent.


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Hi King,

Yeah that is why I would like to know. I am guessing it will be okay, but I want to make sure. The money for licenses is not the issue. Issue is if the bosses allow it.

I don't want to prevent inboxes and alerts, that is the point of it. I was going to use a bridging addon, but you lose alerts, inbox, post count, and pretty much everything else a user has. The idea is to keep access available to all of these things. The CSS will not be that hard, but I need to figure out how to prevent duplicate content so Google does not get upset over it.

So, I can block stuff with CSS, but if a user manually goes to a page (they type it in), then link to it via their TLD in a post (using the TLD), it will allow Google to find it. This is bad.


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I seriously misread your post. You could canonicalize URLs using an add-on. Quick example would be if node ID 1 is supposed to be for, but I visit it from, I could programmatically say "Hey, this is supposed to be on domain, lets return a 301 Redirect to"

Properly redirecting via 301 won't hurt your rankings. You could even modify your cookies to work across all 3 domains (it may require 3 different cookies) so that after the canonicalization process, the user isn't 'logged out' of your site(s).


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Yes King.....................:confused: haha, you lost me dude :D

Okay, so.

They will both go to the exact same page. Both will be viewable. They will only look different based on their url (masked). It is the exact same page, on the exact same installation, on the same hosting, etc.

So, I only want to display the page.
I want to return a page not found error (even though the page is actually there).

The actual thread is there. It is just being masked by the domain. This is something that is possible to do?


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Here's a real life example of canonicalization (sorry, I am kinda sleep deprived): ->

The first URL is supposed to house the content for the post, but it is canonicalized to be the second URL. Google never indexes the first, it receives a 301 Permanently Moved header.

With an add-on you could force viewing on a single domain. So, if you want thread #55,668 to be viewed on, you can canonicalize the URL to it. So... ->

This would mean that the first URL (on would always redirect to the second URL.

If you wanted to return a 404 Not Found (I would suggestion canonicalization and not a 404), I am sure this could also be accomplished via an add-on.


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So does that mean, in an addon, you can list the nodes (and threads, posts, etc that are within them) you would like redirected to a certain tld? So say I have 3 TLD's on the installation

node_1 -> .com
node_2 -> .com
node_3 ->
node_4 ->



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In theory, yes, you could create an add-on that did this.
Has this add on been created. I have a bunch of nodes that I want to move to another domain and need to figure out how to 301 redirect them there when I do so.