Can I develope around xenforo forum?


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I've decided to buy xenforo forum but I want to be able to integrate my website with xenforo as beautifully as i had done with my phpbb forum. with my phpbb forum I completely integrated my website and my chat room. That is there was only one registration page. Also I was able to fetch latest post from the database and show them on my userpage. I had customized almost everything with phpbb. The only thing I dislike about phpbb is its look and the "free" tag. People dont' take phpbb forum seriously. So I want to use xenforo as it's a cheaper alternative of vbulletin.


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It seems like xenforo doesn't have any developers wiki or an api. Those days are gone when people didn't care about developing for their scripts. Now since more and more people have a basic programming knowledge, they like to apply that knowledge to make their site stand out from the croud. xenforo looks 'backward' in this area.


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The reason there isn't a developer wiki is because the code is well-commented and self-explanatory. The development tutorials will get you started, and investigating how XenForo does things in their own code will teach you everything else. XenForo isn't "backwards," - after all, if I can successfully create add-ons and create a highly customised site, anyone can if they put the time in!