Can I create a directory like 'Resources' on


Hello everyone.

I'm considering Xenforo as a forum engine, and I have a pre-sale question: is it possible for me to create a directory like 'Resources' on my own forum if I use xenforo, or this is a private addon for only? It's going to be a directory of companies or some other categorized stuff. I didn't mention something like this among add-ons listed here on this website (just one addon like this I suppose, but there are no demos showing how it works).

So can I create such a directory? If yes, than how exactly?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


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The Resource Manager will be released as a (paid) product on here at some stage. It was expected a while ago though but isn't available yet.


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I prepare for the fact that it may never be released. Have to look at alternatives.
Same here. Had good hopes it would come in Q2 but unfortunately apart from one eruption the communication has dried up again.
Actually quite far with an alternative solution. Only need to find a way to use a single sign-in and set permissions and then we can finally start to recover from the damage of not having a proper downloads solution for almost a year.

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I think the ETA of the Resource Manager (RM) (100 % guess by me) is Next August (ie. August 2013).

There has never been an ETA surrounding the RM. No date was ever set.
Make other plans.


That is really a shame about the Resource Manager (RM). Part of the reason I registered and was considering purchasing this product.

Like many I am sick of VBulletin and really want to find something better.

I have been looking at IPBoard or XenForo. Looks like IPBoard already has a comparable RM.

I hope there is some light shed on this before I make my purchase.