XF 1.2 Can deleting very large threads take a long, long time?

Stuart Wright

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Got this report from one of my moderators testing out Xenforo on our sandbox...
.....the only issue I've found is trying to delete a thread.

I tried an old one, which had almost 6000 posts, and left the PC churning for 10 minutes before I cancelled.

Tried one with 3 posts and it was ok, tried one with 800ish and it seemed to take a bit longer, so tried one with 2000 posts, and it took well over 2 minutes before it managed.

If we're not having a cap on the number of posts per thread, will this become a problem, or is it indicative of another issue? I realise we're not likely to delete large threads very often (or possibly ever?), but thought I'd ask.
Is this expected behaviour, or does it relate to our data not being indexed in elastic search yet or something?


XenForo developer
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Yes, it may take some time. There are various elements of data that need to be updated and recalculated.