Can any wordpress or css mavens help me out?


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I purchased a small blog which I am expanding...and added a XF forum also.

The WP blog uses the nemisis theme - and I don't want to change it yet.

However, I am very unhappy with the links css in this theme, as it seems to be a light shade of green and my eyes (and I assume others) cannot properly tell when an item is a link. The site is also used quite a bit from overseas (europe and china), and my guess is that they are also having problems.

So, my two questions are:

1. What do you think the best link colors would be? I know blue used to be the obvious standard and that might be fine if it doesn't clash too much.

2. Should I go to a bold or other css in the link style? I want links to really stand out.

As a slight complication, I have a tooltip glossary add-on where words have a JS definition box that comes up on hover. This seems to work fine, so I don't want to change this. I will post the existing css in another post in this thread - at least I will post what I think it is!

Any suggestions welcome. I want to make sure old, tired and foreign eyes can easily discern what is a link!

Example article - note link at bottom to forum thread. It's hard to see, IMHO....


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Ah, I guess I don't have to post the existing CSS because it looks like WP has an all I need are examples of a better CSS for links!
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