XF 1.4 Calling XenPorta2 $woptions

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I know the basics for a few languages but I'm by no means an expert.

In a nutshell what I want to do is call a variable in a specific SwOption spin box from some html contained in a content box of the same widget. I want to use this number to represent the percent in a progress bar.

<div class="p-bar category-1234" data-category_id="1234" data-category_title="progressbar1234">
<div class='p-bar-completed' style='width: <VAR>%;'></div>
<div class='p-bar-cap' style='left: 100%; display: none;'></div>
<div class='p-bar-shadow' style='left: 100%; display: none;'></div>
<div class='p-bar-shadow2' style='left: 100%; display: none;'></div>
<div class='p-bar-end'></div>
<div class='p-bar-end-black'></div>
<div class='done'></div>

So essentially when the spinbox is changed the bars will change also.
Help for a beginner?
Not open for further replies.