Calling for help, animated gif as avatars

3d Dental

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Was working for Two years.....then not working for past year

I am willing to pay for help.

By the hour, or ?
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3d Dental

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I have cPanel open....FTP....and my site admin panel open.

teamviewer running...

ready to pay for support/help.

Anyone out there work for money?
I'm using the "PHP built-in GD image library" setting and can use .gif as avatars. ;)
"Maximum large avatar file size (bytes)" checked at the usergroups?

3d Dental

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I did know that, but was still not working for the past year.

This week I upgraded software, and just now I looked at that check was unchecked.

After checking the works!

I guess the update fixed whatever I broke a year ago....and I just needed to check that box again and try it out!