XF 2.0 Caching issue with Cloudflare

I've got this really weird caching issue. While I was building my homepage, I used an image just as an experiment to see how it looked. Happy with the effect, I then found a more suitable image for the final product.

But now it's randomly showing the old image. I thought maybe it was a browser thing, but even after clearing my browser it's still not behaving. I'm using Cloudflare on the advice of a friend. She said it would make my site run faster and whatnot. Could that be the problem?
site is not faster if you use cloudflare that is Fairy tale
I can't say it's made my site faster, but considering my pages loaded in well under a second anyways I don't think that can be improved upon. What it has done is made my email delivery more reliable. I don't know why, but it did.
It shouldn't be an issue we use cloudflare on our site and our changes are immedaite but follow this tutorial and Purge the cache
I tried clearing the cache but it didn't help. Then I saw the toggle for development mode and thought, okay I'll give this a try, and voila, the correct image loaded immediately.

So it is cloudflare that's causing the issue. I just can't figure out why clearing the cache didn't help. I cleared the entire thing, so it should have worked.
Nope, no background when I tried earlier.

There is now though, along with falling snow ... (y)
Thank you for the update.:)

I may just have to forget about Cloudflare and find another solution. It might be the way my server is set up, like something between Linode and Cloudflare just doesn't mesh right.
CDN. Content delivery network - cloudflare.

Is there any chance you are running a cache on your webhost and then also the CDN ?
I use cloudflare on our site and no issues we manually went back to 1.5 and no issues any change in make is instant even with cloudflare I'm not sure why his site is acting up