Implemented Built-in Sitemap Generator


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It would be nice if we had an automatic sitemap generator which automatically generates sitemaps and notifies the search engines about them.
It can set the priority of the links according to the activity on each thread and updates it all the time a new site map is re-generated.


John L.

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No offense, but we are looking for something official and built in. There is no reason this should not be in the core of XenForo. Then addon developers only need to plugin to the official sitemap generator as opposed to other developers work which is not officially supported.
indeed, the main reason I moved from phpbb to vbulletin back in the day was because I was tired of having to add/maintain countless add-ons that weren't in the regular product. Would love to see more core stuff like this actually as a part of xenforo to avoid lots of add-ons.


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+1 for me! IPB has this built in. It would be simple to add under SEO options for those of us that want use it. And a Cron entry. I think this is a great idea!


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When I used vBulletin the only addon I used that I didn't write myself was vbSEO's sitemap generator. It worked perfectly. It would be great to see XenForo include something that works similar to that one in its product.


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I don't think it would be hard for them to code it in there though. Like I said it's can just be an option. Don't want to use it? Don't. But I think there is enough demand from most of us for one in there. With IPB you just upload a sitemap.xml file to your root. Put a check mark in and select how many posts. Then you just wait for Cron to run ever hour I think and your done. I just like official built in components. Not only for support but when you do upgrades your not having problems since it has previously been tested and working by default.
You would want a multi sitemap like Yoast for Wordpress has. Basically its a sitemap for sitemaps.. and there is a sitemap for each section like public forums and another for suggestions, broken up into 500 in each sitemap. This way if you have a indentation issue you can see what part of the site is not indexed.