XF 1.2 Building a two column forum

I need to be shown how to start with this - after that I'll be fine.

My forum needs to have two columns. The largest, on the left, for the forum itself. The right hand column, on the right, for advertising and other necessities of modern web sites. See the existing forum at

So how do I start with this?

Can I accomplish this look with Xenforo with CSS only? If so, where should I be looking within the multitude of files?

Or do I need to modify a template or two? If so, where do I look for this?

I've done a far bit of HTML/CSS work a couple of years back, so I'm not a noob to concepts surround them. Once I know where to start I'll be fine, I'm sure. It's getting started that's the issue!

I'm migrating from a hacker-prone vBulletin 4 forum and I need to get moving on this. Any help greatly appreciated.


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For each instance you want a right bar, you can add a corresponding <xen:sidebar> tag into the template and it adds a side bar, similar to the one on the home page of this forum. For documentation on the sidebar tag, please see my tag syntax article.
Look, I'm still stuck here.

I understand about inserting xen:sidebar into a template. But what template? It seems as if there are eleventy-million of them.

Is there one template that I need to insert a sidebar into to control the looks for the entire site? Or are there multiple templates I need to deal to? If so, how do I find out which templates I need?

I've spent hours looking through the manual and forums, but to no avail.


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For site wide, your best bet would be to look into the [bd] widget framework. You will be editing a lot of templates to gain a site wide side bar.