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Bugs Reports section needs thread prefixes like in HYS forum...

Neutral Singh

Well-known member
A suggestion only for xenforo.com really...


When i go to the section above, at first glance, i have no idea which thread is related which release of XF, so it might be a good idea to put thread prefixes like in "Have You Seen" section , where it is obvious which thread is related to which version release.


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Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
How often is version specificity an issue when it comes to bug reports?

Typically bugs reported are for the most recent version. Typically it's only a very short period of time where it would be expected to see bug reports that could be for one version or another.

After the release of a fairly major version, it very quickly gets to the point where any bugs that are specific to the previous version would be deemed as "Won't Fix" anyway.

I would finally argue that it's more important for those prefixes to be used by support and development staff (as they currently are) than to save me the trouble of having to open the thread and look.