Not a bug Bug in PHP 5.4X?

First of all, I have no experience with PHP, so anything I say or do in that direction can be utterly wrong. Don't do anything written in this post on your live install.

I had the problem and error described here:

On my local install (also php 5.4) I found the same error on the same spot in the XenPorta application. I fiddled around, and did something (in the "lol I've no idea what I'm doing" fashion) and to my surprise it worked. (EDIT: To be clear, server is running linux, the local install is running on windows. Both use nginx, and have the same config for nginx, php-fpm and mysql.)

In Node.php I looked up line 1255 and changed the following:

                'selected' => (strval($selectedNodeId) === '0'),

                'selected' => ($selectedNodeId),
And to my surprise the page loaded without the error that had come first. I have no idea what security issues this induces, so I think it's best for some professionals to look at it.

My apologies if this isn't a bug, and I suggest for other people to NOT change this in their install.

On another server I had a couple applications breaking because PHP handles things different in their newest version. Perhaps (what I've seen with other applications) is something between the lines of if php is lower than version 5.4 do this, else do that. Also my apologies if this all seems a bit unclear and confusing, I've been trying to get things to work all day, and am tired now.

I hope anybody can help me, and many thanks in advance!


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Well, Symantecally (is there such a word!) the code may work, but I suspect whatever relies on the value of 'selected' won't work as intended.

From looking at the error, $selectedNodeId is supposed to contain a number, which converts the value in the variable into a string value.

The bug lies in the addon though as whatever it does, its changing $selectedNodeId into an array, rather than a basic value (i.e. number).

What you have done stops the runtime error, but there is still a bug there.
Thanks for your answer MGSteve!

Well, now I might add another layer of fluff to make it even worse. On my local install I temporarily downgraded to php 5.2.17, and there the
'selected' => (strval($selectedNodeId) === '0'),
does work without a problem, where it does not work with the most recent php.

A lot of applications have broken since php 5.4, because of tiny little things. To me it seems like an issue with the most recent php.

(And now I'm going to bed. n_n)


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So I've been looking into it... and yes, even in PHP 5.3, line 1255 in Node.php didn't work even semantically. But the thing about that specific piece of array data... it was irrelevant. XenForo didn't actually use it... so the failure of the data was fine because it didn't matter...

But now in PHP 5.4, because of it throwing an error... I guess I'll have to change things.


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Merijin, instead of changing Node.php, change EWRporta/Option/ForumChooser.php...

Line 16:
$forumOptions = $nodeModel->getNodeOptionsArray($nodeModel->getAllNodes(), $preparedOption['option_value'], '(unspecified)');
$forumOptions = $nodeModel->getNodeOptionsArray($nodeModel->getAllNodes(), false, '(unspecified)');
Tell me if it works then...
It works! On both my windows and linux install with php 5.4+ I can run this without seeing an error. With this I think it might be fixed. Many thanks!


This error exist with most of your plugins I think. (The ones who use ForumChooser.php)