Bug in discouragement option?


This is very odd. For the first time since installing XF we needed to enable the discouragement option for some members. Whenever we do, all members see a blank home page, even with the "blank page" setting at "0". Other pages can be accessed with direct links. Any idea of what's happening here? TIA.
When you say "all members see a blank home page" do you mean "all members" or do you mean the members who have been discouraged?

I've attempted to reproduce this and have been unable.

I note you had a previous issue related to blank pages which was an issue with your host. Is this a different issue?
Hi Chris. Yes and now about this being the same or a different issue - they are related.

I originally thought that other factors were causing the problem. I started with Siteground and they pointed their finger at Sucuri. I sent to Sucuri and they pointed their finger at Siteground. The only change on the site was enabling XF discouragement. For testing, I turned off Sucuri, checked all of the PHP settings with Siteground, and enabled XF discouragement. The home page crashed again while other pages were directly accessible.
As best I can tell index.php is not executing correctly. That's not to say that it couldn't be a problem with the way that Siteground configures PHP but they are standing firm that it's not their problem and, now that Sucuri is out of the picture, Siteground is pointing their finger at XF and won't provide any additional help.

All know is that the home page goes blank for everyone, including me as the site admin, if discouragement is enabled. I even had an XF consultant take a look and he couldn't figure it out.
Are they using any server/host specific security, like ModSecurity or such?
If I remember, SiteGround uses ModSecurity on their shared hosting. If you are on shared hosting, have they checked their ModSecurity logs to see if something is triggering one of their rules?
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