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Browsers Not Loading JS Correctly ??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by stilly, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. stilly

    stilly Active Member

    Put this in off topic as I really dont know where it should go, strange one,

    I recently ran into an issue on my xf site and my vb site for matter, where I noticed that browser would be sporadically stuck on loading, (Windows 8) FF, Chrome and Opera all display the same behavior) and my shoutboxes would stay loading. refresh the page a few times all comes back and display correctly. I then noticed that it would happen on the forum home, new posts page etc, where there was no shoutbox.

    I had not uploaded any new files to the software, or server files. But then I did re-upload the shout files, to see if that would change the behavior, no go, The same. I then upgraded php to 5.4.2, no go, The same. I asked a few of my members if they were experiencing the same, very few were. I then noticed it was happening on other sites, xf included, which is primarily default.

    For example here at xf, In my console when all is loading fine, I see:

    ) xenforo.js?_v=0b142c94:200
    XenForo.init() 169ms. jQuery 1.10.2/1.2.8-dev

    When the browser continual shows loading I see nothing in the console, after a few refreshes, the browser loads and I see:

    ) xenforo.js?_v=0b142c94:200
    XenForo.init() 169ms. jQuery 1.10.2/1.2.8-dev

    And then all is good. It happens on the main forum page, new posts, others as well. I originally thought this was a site software issue on my sites, but now that I see it here as well, I am thinking it has nothing to do with my site(s) shoutboxes, xenforo site or other. It seems, that the browsers are not loading js correctly for whatever reason. As I previously stated, the sites were running fine, browser was fine, just started happening and I cant trace it back to anything specific or a date, else I would try roll back to that date. I am stumped and have no idea what to look for to correct, all browsers and OS are up to date, no bugs in the OS, so any help or advice on what to look for to correct would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope I explained my issue clear enough, (I should add, the page mostly loads, but the browser cursor keeps going round and round like it is loading) which prevents certain js scripts from being executed fully) I think, lol,
  2. stilly

    stilly Active Member

    Another clue maybe,

    When browser is stuck on loading I get the below in new posts:

    FireShot Screen Capture #191.jpg

    Notice the time timestamp under the last message.

    Now here is when all loads correctly:

    FireShot Screen Capture #192.jpg
  3. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    This might be similar to what happens at school, Chrome on Windows 8 (my school keeps up to date).

    Chrome will just keep on loading a page forever, and I have to kill the tab process to get it to respond.

    Works fine in IE :(

    I'm pretty sure it's just something on the school network though ;)

  4. stilly

    stilly Active Member

    Happens in three browsers, I am on many different sites at the moment, is happening at all, so it is something in browsers and maybe network, strange though if nothing changed, and it just decidess to burp,

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