Browser compatibility list?


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Shaun are you saying that XF does not work with a particular browser ?
No, I'm asking for a list of browser is definitely does work with. For example, does it work with IE6?

I'm migrating to XF from another platform and I want to be able to give my members a list of "known good" browsers they can use with the XF platform.

Shaun :D


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Seems to work well in the following:

Firefox 6,5,4,3
Opera (Latest version)
IE8 9
Chrome (Latest)
Safari (for windows)

The only issues I personally have had, and I'm sure this is isolated to me is with firebug (latest) all the way down to 1.73 with versions 5 and 6 of firefox with overlays hanging, popdown menus not loading but as I said this is down to maybe the add-on and many people have reported no problems themselves so the above, atleast for me, work well without issues.

Haven't tried earlier versions of IE 6 & 7 but i shouldn't think there are major issues with them using the xenforo product.


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Thanks for the feedback ... I'll likely get my community involved in testing it to near-destruction as I get closer to migrating ... which might highlight some "doesn't work with" older browsers, but it seems all the current range of browsers are supported and work fine with XF ... so (y)

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All the browsers on Mac/Linux should be more than fine. We just need to worry about IE 6/7/8, and I've sort of solved that by Google Chrome Frame.


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Well, give credit to them. Internet Explorer 9 is a huge improvement and Internet Explorer 10 is coming out in a faster release schedule. It's about time Microsoft actually cared.
It means that if there is no support for the declaration (CSS) it will degrade to the alternative. An example is rounded corners, drop shadow, text shadow, and the arrows used in the breadcrumb.