XF 1.5 Broken Avatars

The Sandman

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I have some members whose avatars are broken - no custom or default avatar. I'm assuming this happened during the conversion from vB and merge with AdEx:


The browser console shows this as: <a class="avatar NoOverlay Av44807l" href="members/wardman.44807/">
<img src="data/avatars/l/44/44807.jpg?1402307443" alt="" style="left: 0px; top: 0px; ">

Assuming the original avatars are lost (if they existed at all) is there a way to convert these all to default avatars?
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Chris D

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Well, there is a way to remove avatars from users, using the Batch Update Users tool. The difficulty will be identifying the users who have broken avatars in order to apply that to them without affecting other users.