Fixed Broken autolink

@Chris D, I'm able to repro this locally by making a post with the following content on XF 2.2.13, PHP 8.2:
\XF\Validator\Url::isValid returns false, which results in url being null. I'm not sure why this isn't triggering on All versions of PHP >= 8.0 should throw an error under those circumstances (, so for some reason that code either isn't running on, or isValid is returning true.
If I add it like this it doesn't get an error
[URL unfurl="true"]ıksız_İzinli_Sayılan_Kamu_Personeli_GSS_Primleri.pdf[/URL]
Here's a quick patch that should mitigate the issue for anyone who's hitting it. It won't fully restore intended functionality, but it's good enough to stop the exceptions.


  • 2023-06-02-autolink-null-error.diff
    662 bytes · Views: 26
Yes, if anyone can reproduce further issues here do let us know.

I've attached a patch in the meantime. It relaxes strict URL validation in messages as we typically defer to browsers to handle URLs which may not be properly encoded there anyways.
How can I install the fix?
wich file can i edit to fix this problem ?
The actual diff file tells you that in it... but you do have to be familiar with how to read the diff file.
I personally think a better solution would have been to post the actual related fixed files themselves as a lot of admins are going to run into the very issues that are being observed after that diff was posted in how to implement the code.
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