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I may get trolled or shot down in flames in doing this, but I'm old school and like to show my appreciation to those who help me, so......

I noticed earlier that @Brogan
Has reached 36k posts here.

Well as a result of that I felt compelled to write a brief thank you, here.

I was going to do so on his profile but I think he deserves more than that...

I must say, the unequivocal support and help from Brogan, has been utterly outstanding.

I too have a family and know exactly what it's like when we spend more time doing other things.. You can lose time quicker than you know..

That said, to reiterate, Brogan's help for me as a total newbie to XF from VB has been second to none.

He's been tolerant, patient, kind and most helpful.

Always replies to messages and nigh on the first to help with any obstacles I've faced.

So as a fresh-ish face here, I can only congratulate you on everything you do here, give you a virtual handshake in the form of this thread - as I for one am deeply appreciative.

Don't lose sight on that which is of most importance though!

Much love man and thank you.