Lack of interest Bring back the old style "Your Quota"

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dear xenforo sir,

My suggestion is to bring back the old style of the "Your Quota" box

The problem is many users don't click on the "more details" link

Then they try to upload a file type or file size that is now allowed, and they get an error and write a thread that the upload is not working for them,

i know they are not very smart.

The old style of "your quota" was a lot easier to see the types of files allowed for uploading, members quickly read it,

i can't remember exactly which version was this way, ( a few back)but i remember this is how it originally was,

i thought it was much better before, alot more convenient, now i have to click every time, and i always forget which files types are allowed and what size, so i find myself often clicking that link,



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