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Add-on Bridge XF <-> phplist to synchronize users and send newsletters out


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I am looking for a bridge between Xenforo and phplist (www.phplist.com). I would be willing to pay for this.

I need a separate field to be checked by the user while he is registering in the xf forum and a kind of synchronization between XF and phplist user-db (only emails, username and whether he wants to have the newsletter or not).

Should be independant from the already existing option to receive emails from admin with XF. I have phplist on my own server installed.

Phplist is a free open source software by the way. Very professional for very large newsletters.

Any ideas?
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Only 300 messages are free. This is a paid service and not "open source".

If you want the open source version, you need to go to www.phplist.org.
yes, they changed that. They have now a payed version which is hosted by themeselves and only allow a limited amount of free emials.

At the same time under a different domainname (.org) they have still there free version which is downloadable and you have to install it on your own server.

There are NO limitatios with this free downloadable version.

The free version rocks. It has all kind of options to configure exactly how often per hour/minute etc. you wnat to send emails to the same or different domains etc. pp. There is no feature I can think of at the moment that is not available with that free version.

I payed a developper to make a simple bridge. I have a beta version already which I have to test yet. Will report as soon as I have time for testing.
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