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Add-on Bridge between Xenforo and jabber/xmpp etc

So in essence, what i'm looking for is a way to bridge accounts between xenforo and jabber.

I realise that you can't effectively replicate accounts whole (same pw) but is this following scenario possible?

  • A user registers on forums (or joins a server group) and an account gets created on jabber with a randomly-created password that times out in an hour.
  • Once the password is changed (and same ip verified, possibly via a forum confirmation?) the jabber account is "upgraded" to fully registered and the usual manually set permissions can take over from there.

Reasons why I'm asking is because Eve-online will be releasing an authentication system in the coming months, much like the one steam currently has. An example of a site currently using the beta can be found here, up in the top right corner. With this addon, not only would a forum owner be able to automatically assign authenticated users to private boards, but they'd also get authenticated access to the jabber platform.

As an addendum, I've used openfire as the platform for xmpp before but I've recently switched to linux so I can't really comment on how ejabber works, which is what i'd be primarly using.
Also, current eve corp forums revolve around SMF and PHPBB boards which have frameworks that allow this, however these board are less than ideal. If there was a way for it to be done on xenforo I'm pretty sure the plugin author would have quite a few clients looking to switch. I can't speak for them but I'd be willing to drop $20 or so aswell if that helps?