branding removal

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i saw branding removal in offical add on

does this branding remove for lifetime?
and i saw global branding free in dragonbyte it just for addons or entire xenforo? and whats the deferience

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XenForo Branding removal will allow you to remove XenForo URL at the footer of your board and it's lifetime. XenForo branding removal doesn't include the removal of third party add-ons, styles copyright, you have to purchased them separately from developers


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If you are already installed and adding the branding removal, it should activate the next time you upgrade/update or if you refresh in place. You don't have to do a new install if I am reading @Brogan correctly, but it will activate if you do a new install.


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Just follow the XenForo instructions about how to do an "upgrade" of the XF software, and this will take care of what you want to do. Just make sure the new files "overwrite" the old files, as Brogan said. It should be a 5-10 minute exercise.


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So to be clear, I have to overwrite everything and do a new install for it to work?
Technically it can be removed without paying the branding removal fee, BUT in doing so, it also breaches your license agreement with Xenforo.

It's pretty much a text change/removal of a line in a php file on the Xenforo side.

Heaps of dodgy forums/sites do it, but to be honest I don't really mind it, and would only see it useful to debrand on a large or commercial forum.

NOTE: It shows on this forum down bottom and on other themes like PixelExit and Dohtheme ones, it can actually look quite nice and fits in really nicely.

Besides, branding removal won't stop someone spending 2 seconds peeping at your source code to see that you are using Xenforo.