[Branding] Logo


I was just looking at the xenForo logo and decided to very quickly (10 mins tops) to knock up my own version. I'm assuming the current logo is not the final logo but thought I'd give it a crack any way and see what people thought. (again, this was a very quick mockup in photoshop)xenforo.jpg

Anthony Parsons

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They need to release some official wallpaper I think... get the free advertising going on desktops, which then get into screen captures, etc... all marketing is good marketing.


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If I have time I'll play around with creating some XenForo typography, and then make a wallpaper.

I was actually going to make an userbar or some type of image to put in my sig for some other sites (Most of the sites I go to, where I'm friends with the owners, I've been trying to get them to switch to XenForo when it is released). 

Anthony Parsons

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He he he.... :cool: (Sorry for the crappy quality... a quickie from the iphone, no flash) XenForo! More official wallpaper needed...



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fwiw, ~I~ think it looks great! Obviously something better than an iPhone could have been used... but hey!


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Yes, as I was saying, we like the logo as it is!
Plenty others also seem to like the logo!
I love the logo. Looks... refreshingly blue

What are the licenses on the use of the logo? I understand trademarks are involved.