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Not a Bug Board Url and it's pointing

Discussion in 'Resolved Bug Reports' started by Markus, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Markus

    Markus Member

    After I got https connection to my website, I noticed this small issue with xenforo. The issue has to do with the value of “Board URL” in the admin panel at “Basic Board Information”. This is only an issue when admin does not want to force his/her users to use https or http connection.

    I have noticed this url to affect only the admin panel title url (Attachement Xen Admin Panel Login.jpg).
    If you set the board url to be empty, your admin panel title will redirect to the admin panel, the same url where you already are at. (A bit daft don’t you think?)
    If you set it with https or with http, for example http://www.example.com or http://example.com, then it of course redirects there, but then you are having to choose between the two and in theory you would always redirect every second clicker away or to secured connection without mattering what he was already using.
    If you set the url without http or https it will redirect to “forum location + what you wrote” (e.g example.com would redirect to current forum location + /example.com -> https://example.com/forum/example.com).

    Seeing as the board index image with an empty value (“Home Page Url”), is already redirecting to the correct forum base url with both http or https connection, it would be awesome if this could be changed to same kind of system.

    So the thing what I’m reporting and wishing to be changed, is to have the system with an empty “board url” to redirect to the correct forum base address, like the index header image is already doing, rather than to the admin.php location. I’m also reporting this to make sure that if something else in the main website is relying and acting like the admin.php title image, users would not lose the http/https connection type when clicking on the urls on the website.

    Attached two images, one showing the settings I’m talking about from admin panel, and the admin panel login screen.


    Attached Files:

  2. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    The board URL isn't option and must be a full URL. It's primary use is in emails. If you use an empty value there, you're going to break stuff.

    The board URL does not force a particular URL. You can bring people into the board over HTTP or HTTPS if you want, but you do need to direct them to a particular location for emails.
  3. Markus

    Markus Member

    Ah that makes sense, glad I always had there the current http location... is it possible to make the admin panel title image to link to the same location as the xenforo index header image?
  4. Markus

    Markus Member

    Just a note, the thing I was requesting was possible to solve by making your board url option to point to the url with "//example.com/forum" . This will point always to the correct location, http or https, based on the url you are currently using.
    Should have tested that, god I'm stupid... Xenforo managed to once again offer something that so many other software woul have failed with...

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