Not a bug Blue moderated icon missing in the icons folder?

I noticed today while trying to work on my own sprite png that the blue moderated icon
is nowhere to be found in the latest version 1.1b4, i made sure i checked every folder in the xenforo default style directory but can't seem to locate it so far. I can see this blue moderated icon showing up correctly on moderated threads though its only available if i use the default xenforo ui sprite.png along with some css bg positioning.

There is a moderated.png icon in the icons folder but this is the red one
that is not included in the xenforo ui sprite.png. Last time i checked this red moderated icon isn't being referenced anywhere within the master templates.
I know, but shouldn't they be available as a single file each of the images used on the sprite so we can make our own sprite?

This blue moderated icon is the only one missing as a single image file, from the sprite.